Graphic Design


Misc. Projects


Behavioral Economics Research Poster

Poster for a research project in Behavioral and Health Economics on the topic of Job Performances and Pay Cycle.

research poster

Love Letter

Minimalistic movie poster for one of my favorite movies: Love Letter, directed by Shunji Iwai.
This is a winter movie perfect for a cozy snowy night, and a cup of hot chocolate.

Minimal Ver.

Minimal Ver.

View Ver.

View Ver.



Six illustrations representative of the six weeks I've spent in China last summer.
Chinese font used: 方正清刻本悦宋简体


Geofilter Designs

West Vancouver, Canada

West Vancouver, Canada

Richmond, Canada

Richmond, Canada


Galaxy Obsessions

A series of surreal photoshop rendering


A Head Full of Dreams

Album Cover Design for A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay


Night and Day

night and day