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CSAA IG Innovation

Web Design


To inform employees about the innovation program and equip them with tools to innovate.

During the summer and fall of 2018, I interned at CSAA Insurance Group, under their internal innovation program. While the program is aimed at building new business ideas and further instill a culture of innovation inside the company, employees can often be intimidated by the idea of “innovation”, due to limited knowledge about the program and overall tools and terminologies commonly used in practices of innovation.

MY role

User Research, Ideation, Wire-framing, Mockup, Prototype

Time frame

8 weeks



Internal Website for Innovation

To help employees gain better understandings of what’s going on inside the innovation program, and build a creative confidence in their own abilities to innovate, after conducting user research with a few employees and relevant stakeholders, I started designing a website for the innovation program with goals to:

  • showcase teams’ progress

  • engage employees outside of the program to get involved

  • provide tools and methods to help employees innovate

Additionally, this will serve as an operating manual for the program, to on-board employees within the program, and help them get up to speed in their daily operations.

Med/Hi Fi Landing page mockup, icon credits:  nounproject

Med/Hi Fi Landing page mockup, icon credits: nounproject

Due to non-disclosure agreements,

please contact me for access to the full project.