b. 1986, HK.



about me

Interdisciplinary designer + researcher

A senior at UC Berkeley, currently pursuing B.A. Economics, Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation, and Undergraduate Certificate in New Media. Also a member of Innovative Design.

Coming from a background with the mix of Behavioral Economics and Design Innovation, Iā€™m exploring the intersection of Human-Centered Design, New Media, and Social Sciences to understand human interactions and design thoughtful experiences.


Directionally challenged (AKA constantly getting lost). Somehow I was able to survive getting from places to places, and still enjoy traveling.
Favorite things in the world: Cats, matcha, clouds, flowers
Currently binging: Terrace House, Black Mirror, The Good Place

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, where I find inspirations from everyday things, or shoot me an message to chat about anything.


resume available upon request.