about me

b. 1986, HK.

”Hello! I’m not Maggie but she painted me.”

”Hello! I’m not Maggie but she painted me.”



Graduated from UC Berkeley with B.A. Economics, minor in Public Policy, and certificates in Design Innovation and New Media. Also a member of Innovative Design.

Coming from a background in Behavioral Economics, my interest lies in the intersection of social science, design, new media, and storytelling. I want to design meaningful experiences for people, and tell good stories with technologies and media.


Directionally challenged (AKA constantly getting lost), but somehow I was able to survive getting from places to places, and still enjoy traveling.

Currently/recently binging: Terrace House, Black Mirror, Russian Doll, The Good Place, random old movies (open to recommendations).

Feel free to check out my Instagram, where I find inspirations from everyday things.